Monty Dorpers was founded in 2009 by Wayne and Anna Davies, on our farm near Newtown in Mid-Wales. The Monty flock of Dorpers currently runs approximately forty ewes, a mixture of Black headed and White Dorper breeding ewes. The maiden flock was started by investing in four Pedigree black headed Dorper ewes in lamb in the autumn, these ewes were lambed down the following spring and the flock increased from there on.  Each year quality female and male replacements are kept for breeding to increase flock numbers, any animals unsuitable for breeding are sold directly to slaughter often achieving E, U and R3L & 3H grades. A small number of Dorper lambs have been sold to local butchers with positive feedback relating to killing out percentage and taste. The flavour of the market lambs is in our opinion mostly influenced by the fact that these lambs are grass-fed “we think that’s why they’re so tender.”